Guitar Lessons!

 ​Each and every lesson is unique and 100% tailored to you!
Giving you the most personalised lessons possible and ensuring your progression will be smooth and quick!

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Learn The Right Way

30 Mins Lesson

45 Mins Lesson

1 Hour Lesson

 My 30 mins lessons cover everything you need to know and can be useful for older and more advanced students too who wish to have a quick lesson and be left to their own devices, as well as new stuents testing the waters!

Recommended for younger children (aged 4 - 7) or for older children starting out and looking for a more relaxed start.
 My 45 mins lessons cover everything you need to know and give us more time to get into the finer details of what we are doing. Looking deeper at rhythm and songwirting, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the music.

​Recommended for older children/teens looking for a more indepth start.
My 1 Hour lessons cover everything mentioned
in the 30 mins and 45 mins lesson. Though with this lesson we will have time to work on all aspects of your playing and make sure you are improving consistently, resulting in an overall quicker progression.

​Recommended for Beginners - Advanced ages 13+